Bringing a steady stream of qualified leads and converting them into sales is the key to growth and make your business successful. No wonder, lead generation is of prime importance allowing you to collect your potential customers’ contact information and have their permission to reach out to them with your product or service offers.

In today’s digital age, online lead generation is the prime area to focus on for most marketers. Yet, you can’t focus just on the online mode since other avenues can to be utilized to ensure your leads aren’t dependant on a single mode and will keep flowing even if one or a couple of these modes stop working or don’t bring the desired results.

However, you can’t bring leads with cheap marketing ploys since the educated consumers today know what they want and can differentiate between the reliable businesses from their shallow counterparts. To gather valuable leads, you need to invoke customer interest and offer value for money, which will encourage loyalty, and eventually, boost your sales. Positive lead generation needs careful planning.

Since social media is just one channel that you can leverage for your lead generation campaign, imagine what you can do by making use of other channels with some careful planning. We bring you ten clever lead generation ideas that you can put to good use for turbo-charging your next marketing campaign. 

 1. Optimize Your Landing Pages


Landing Page

Ensure your landing page has a clear goal with a strong call to action. Since you want people coming to that page to act quickly and take the desired action, make sure your visitors know clearly what they are supposed to do once they come to your landing page.

For instance, if you have several CTAs on your landing page, eliminate the ones with low priority and make the highest converting opt-in form stand out. If you are in doubt, you can run A/B tests with various versions of your landing page to decide which one brings the most conversions. There are various ways to optimize your landing page.

You can add product videos to improve user engagement and encourage sign-ups since 65% of us belong to the category of visual learners. You may even have premier content on your landing page with an image, an enticing title that’s keyword-optimized and a short, crisp summary. Your CTA can then ask the visitors to share contact information for getting access to the content.

Bundling products of a specific price range (that are doing well) on your landing page can also bring leads from price-sensitive customers. If you use landing page software, you can optimize your page by using precise words (to say more with less), making your action buttons large, reducing the number of layout columns and showcasing your value proposition with a left-justified, high-contrast headline followed by text running into two lines or even less.

2. Create A Product Explainer Video

  Product Explainer Video

Product, promo or help videos are great ways for appealing to visitors who are more audible and visual learners than the rest. You can find online tools to create such videos easily and even include a CTA somewhere in the middle of the video to capture your visitor’s email address.

Carefully crafted videos can even help you to leverage Facebook and YouTube. You just have to make sure that your video isn’t too short (and fails to get the desired message across) or too long (to bore the visitors into leaving it midway). Keeping it running for one and half minutes is ideal in case it’s your first promotional video.

For product or service videos, showcase in-depth features to woo potential leads. Make your videos simple and interesting and stay away from unnecessary complexities. If you aren’t sure of creating a professional video, it’s always better to hire help as first impressions count. So, don’t resort to cheap, unprofessional videos that reflect badly on your business just to save a few dollars. 

3. Network With Influencers

With a huge fan following, influencers and popular bloggers can give your lead generation campaigns a big boost. So, when you attend events or conferences, make sure to network with influencers who can help promote your product or service to your potential customers.

You can offer these influencers the use of one or a few of your products/services for free and if they like the same, they will promote it on their sites, blogs or even their social media accounts. A few may even give you a positive review on their site or blog with a backlink.

When planned the right way, influencers can help you get huge publicity, which would be crucial for your product/service promotion and pave way for high-quality leads. Just remember to build a decent relationship with your chosen influencer before asking for a product/service review. This way, you won’t have to worry about being blasted with biased or scathing reviews that would end up doing more harm than good. 

4. Create A Quiz

Interacting with people improves their engagement with your site. By using a fun quiz, you can find how much your visitors know, get their contact information and even know more about them. You may even offer the participants insights into how they performed in the quiz against their peers and follow it up with a lead magnet on how the next time around, they can improve their scores.

Another way is to design a quiz to offer valuable information to your visitors in an inimitable, interactive manner. After they have filled and submitted the lead information form where they provide particular information about themselves, you can offer advice or suggestions on any specific aspect that they need help with.

Such quizzes can especially help businesses offering education courses or learning services as they can counsel their leads about which course or module would help address their pain points. A fun and interesting quiz not only offers your leads a worthwhile experience but even makes them likely to share it with their network of friends, family and colleagues on social media, which in turn would boost the reach of such a quiz. 

5. Offer Great Content In Your Emails

Great content plays a crucial role in generating quality leads. By having your emails provide your readers with great, useful content, you can make the one-time readers loyal followers. All you need to do is create emails that offer in-depth, step-by-step answers to burning questions or pain points of your prospects, thus acting as a lead magnet.

By educating your prospects and adding value consistently with quality content, you can earn their trust, which would make them eager to subscribe and become your loyal readers who will be inclined to buy from you sometime in the future, if not right away.

Your emails should maintain the fine balance between value-driven content and self-promotion because unless your emails offer something useful, your readers will be quick to wander away or worse, hit the “unsubscribe” button. Remember – no one wants to read junks, spammy emails or the ones that are full of hypes and self-promotion.

So, focus on building trust with interesting, relevant and quality content in your emails with subtle, occasional self-promotion, as that will work the best to get leads and eventually, convert them into sales. Including social button in your newsletters is another great way to encourage your readers into sharing your great content across various social networking platforms.

6. Help Customers By Solving Their Issue

Help Customers

Google surely has answers to almost all problems these days. Yet, there are very few sites that offer detailed, step-by-step answers to problems that people face or ways to handle issues that are the pain points for a majority. You can fill this gap with useful, easily understood and entertaining content that helps customers find an answer to their problem or issue.

Such content could be in the form of blog posts, articles or videos. You can also stay vigilant on various social networks or search the feeds to know what people interested in offerings similar to yours are talking about. This is an effective way of keeping tabs on relevant conversations to spot and leverage probable conversion opportunities.

Even setting Google Alerts for specific keywords can help you to come across relevant issues or problems in your niche, from which you can pick the ones that you have a solution to offer. By focusing on what your prospective customers need, you can build trust as a reliable business that listens and responds to their prospects by helping them with useful information, tips, products/services and other resources.

This, in turn, will improve your chances of getting quality leads.

7. Speak At A Public Event

Public Speaking

You shouldn’t focus just on online avenues for your lead generation campaigns. Rather, you should look for face-to-face interactions as well by attending and speaking at conferences, trade shows and industry events. When you offer useful insight and interesting perspective to people, many of whom could be your target audience, you will get noted and can improve your chances of getting quality leads.

Great presentations at such public events can even give you the chance to meet and network with influencers, who can play important roles to bring quality leads your way. However, grabbing a speaker’s spot at major events or industry conferences could be a difficult task, at times. In such cases, you can leverage workshops, which too would give you the chance to interact personally with your target clientele and woo them into signing up.

8. Offer A Free Trial Of Your Product

Offering free trials to your prospects is a great way to give them the chance of testing how your product/service addresses their needs or pain points, which would help them decide if they want to continue using it or not once the trial period expires.

Since free trials need the prospects to share their email addresses, you can always reach out to them with an enticing offer to subscribe in case they decide to discontinue after the trial period comes to an end. When you are looking to leverage reviews from influencers, giving them a free trial can be a great way to have them use and test your offerings, after which they can put a favourable word about it on their website, blog or social media pages.

This will not only get people interested in your offerings (and thus becoming your leads) but even give your business some much-needed publicity and attention.

9. Interact With Everyone On Social Media


Social Media

Social media isn’t just good for getting brand recognition and bringing traffic. It can even serve as a low-cost, yet an efficient tool for lead generation. You just have to spend some time to create your own community of fans and followers, who can then be engaged with useful, interesting content (via blog posts, articles, videos, podcasts etc.) and even encouraged to visit offer pages of your website when you share direct URLs of them.

Whether these are offers about a new product launch or ones that have performed well historically, copying them into your social posts with a direct link to the respective landing pages would help funnel quality leads. But all these will work when you have spent the time to build a strong, responsive community on various social media platforms. Interact with and listen to your prospects – whether it’s on a one-to-one basis or when participating in group conversations.

The key is to offer them helpful tips, resources and information, thus positioning yourself as a leader in the niche. This will build your credibility and help bring high-quality leads from various social media platforms.

10. Host A Webinar

Since webinars need people to be present at a specific time, they create a sense of rush and encourage micro-commitment. Perhaps these are the reasons why webinars are regarded to be more valuable than mere content that you put out as articles, blogs or videos.

You can heighten the sense of rush and scarcity by hosting webinars with taglines like “registration closes in 5 hours” or “last 10 seats – it’s filling fast” to get more people sign up by sharing their email addresses. Hosting webinars to address common problems or pain points of your prospective users can bring a huge number of quality leads within a very short time frame.

You may either plan a single webinar or a sequence of webinars (to be hosted periodically over a certain period) depending on what you want to offer. From 15 minutes to half an hour or more, the duration of your webinar depends on the topic you have chosen.  So, leverage the versatile content form that webinars promote to bring quality leads your way.

Though getting leads when you are starting up may seem easy as you tap into your immediate circle of friends and family as well as the network of colleagues and other people you know, it may become difficult as you move up the ladder and look for fresh leads. But with some effort, planning and these ten clever tips, you will be able to generate leads time and again for your business to flourish and grow. So, get ready to put these tips to use and see the results for yourself.