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What Is PPC?

PPC is a model of internet marketing which stands for Pay-Per-Click (PPC). Advertisers pay a fee to publishers every time their ad is clicked.

Pay-Per-Click marketing is one of the best possible ways to gain a better reputation online and improve brand recognition within no time. PPC advertising consists of Search, Display, Shopping, Video and Social Media Ads.

A business needs to create a strategic Pay-Per-Click campaign that includes attributes like logic, keyword research, continuous management and an organized structure for analysis.

Pay-Per-Click campaigns allow you to easily measure ROI over traditional advertising channels through the use of sophisticated analysis tools.

our areas of expertise

All marketing channels cost money, the question is whether
or not you’re getting a return on that investment.

Search Advertising

Search Advertising helps you to show ads to people who are searching for a particular keyword on a search engine like Google.

Display Advertising

Display ads allow you to place ads on various third-party websites which your potential customers may visit.

Shopping Ads

Shopping ads are useful for e-commerce platforms allowing you to dynamically show ads for products people are searching for.

Video Ads

Video ads are generally used to target people on platforms such as YouTube, allowing you to showcase short product videos which will improve brand awareness.

Social Media Ads

Social ads help to target people on social media through a variety of viral content increasing your engagement rates and brand presence.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing helps to target followers of popular social media celebrities. People are more willing to buy a product when it is endorsed by a celebrity.

How cygnix helps you manage online ad campaigns

Increase Conversion Rates

We make sure to target only the correct keywords for your domain resulting in more conversions at a lower cost.

Reduce Sales Friction

Sales friction happens when customer expectations are not met after they click on an ad.

Cygnix will create beautiful landing pages for your website which will reduce sales friction.

Drive More Traffic

Traffic is the lifeline of any website. Thorugh well-optimized ad copies, the traffic you receive will be of high quality resulting in more profit!

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